We recognise Malaysia’s rich legacy as an agricultural economy, and support the Government’s vision to revitalise the sector through adoption of ICT solutions.

We also understand the impending need to address major challenges of food safety, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity. Backed by MIMOS’ technological know-how combined with capabilities of local farmers and entrepreneurs we will continue to inspire new breakthroughs in the agricultural sector. MIMOS’ aim has been to undertake meaningful research and development to enhance productivity of the crops, control plant and animal diseases, improve the quality of production, reduce costs; and more importantly, empower farming communities with technological expertise.


Dayang Norhanafiah Awang Bait

Dayang Norhanafiah Awang Bait





A system that offers visibility and traceability through supply chain from farm to consumer


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Trace, Mi-Clip

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Strategic and reliable paddy information for researchers and policy makers

PadiPedia is a web-based portal with data analysis, reporting and searching capabilities designed to support MARDI’s Research, Development and Technology Transfers activities in the area of paddy farming.

MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Semantic

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Connects farmers, products and services directly to the market

AgroBazaar Online is an intelligent e-commerce and online business matching platform for agriculture-based products that connects the buyers and sellers, rendering middlemen less relevant.

Farmers, food producers and marketers can use the portal to seek business opportunities, check prices and other information such as business terms and certifications.The Quick Response Code (QR Code) feature enables users to browse the website and make purchases using mobile devices.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Clip, Mi-DSS, Mi-Market

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