In keeping with the Government’s inclusive growth strategies, it is but essential to modernise business processes, automate administrative procedures, deliver efficient and interactive public services, maintain data security and confidentiality, and meet the needs of ever more-demanding users of Government services.

Through MIMOS’ innovative technological solutions, we continue to support the Government’s goals to enhance its operational efficiencies and service standards, achieve greater transparency and service orientation, and become highly responsive to citizens.



  • Trade Facilitation & Cost Reduction through back office reorganisation and information sharing across organisations and levels of the governments

  • Competency-based procurement made possible through system integrated network support for direct engagement with agencies

  • Information transmission to rural areas through wireless broadband technology offered in a community-based environment; taking into account social, economic and ethnic considerations

  • Robust national technology infrastructure which will support adoption of industry best practices, cross-country technology transfer and global partnerships


Siti Hamimah Rasidi

Siti Hamimah Rasidi

Muzzaffa Mustaffa

Muzzaffa Mustaffa


Fiscal BDA

Teraju Exchange


JobsMalaysia 2.0

Turning unstructured data into actionable insight

The scope of this project is to develop a system that is able to assist the Ministry of Finance to automate the process of publishing the annual, quarterly and monthly Federal Government fiscal data obtained from the Accountant General of Malaysia


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Clip, Mi-BIS

Developed and implemented a secure authentication solution for a statutory body’s  Stesen Kerja Jarak (SKJ) application.


MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Trust 3.0, Mi-UAP 2.1, Mi-Cloud 2.0

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Online Bumiputera programme and incentive information, and more

TerajuXChange System is an online one-stop centre for companies to access to special programmes and incentives by TERAJU and related agencies. The app can be used by local and international investors to assess the competencies of a company based on its financial performance and projections.  It can also be used as a medium to promote products and services produced by Bumiputera companies to local and international markets.

MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-IRMS, Mi-Pivot

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 Accelerating job placement through intelligent match-making engine

JobsMalaysia 2.0 is an automated online job matching system that provides free-of-charge facilities for job seekers to seek suitable jobs and for employers to get the right candidates. Job seekers can apply for jobs online while employers can manage the applications using JobsMalaysia.

JobsMalaysia is one of the three core modules under the Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX), an application under the MSC Malaysia Flagship, Electronic Government Project.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-Trust, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Helio, Mi-BIS, Mi-IDS, Mi-AcclibMi-CLIP, Mi-DSS, Mi-Morphe, Mi-Cloud, Career Interest Instrument (CII)

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