There is a need for convergence of healthcare and technology to help support quality and consistent delivery of medical services to the ‘rakyat’, reduce the costs and overall, and raise the standards of health in the country. Towards this, we have been working in close partnership with the public sector to develop need-based, consumer-centric applications for greater operational efficiency.

A Lifetime Health Record System is in its deployment stage, which will allow hospitals and medical practitioners to have universal access to critical patient information such as case histories, allergies and so on. The system will help reduce error rates on medication as well as the turnaround time for diagnosis and treatments.

The healthcare sector can also benefit from MIMOS’ capabilities in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis & Integration Support, along with Sensor Technology, which has the potential to redefine excellence in patient care and quality services.


Wan Ahmad Jafri Wan Abdul Aziz

Wan Ahmad Jafri Wan Abdul Aziz


System Maklumat Rawatan Perubatan (SMRP 2.0)

Malaysia Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW)

Patient Registry Information System (PRIS)

Unified Teleprimary Care & Oral Health Clinics Information System (TPC-OHCIS)

Connecting national healthcare institutes for easy sharing of patients’ medical records

TPC-OHCIS is a complete healthcare IT system addressing the needs of Primary Care for Clinical Health and Oral Health Care.  The integrated system will allow the sharing of patients’ medical records, clinical management plan, laboratory and radiological investigations results, drug prescriptions and referrals.

MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Cloud, Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Scramble, Mi-BIS, Mi-Portal, Mi-ESB, Mi-IDS, Mi-Trust, Mi-Sync, Mi-Crypto, Mi-Clip


Enabling enhanced healthcare through shared information

PRIS is a centralised system of various patient registries that enables the collection of secondary data related to patients with specific diagnoses, conditions or medical procedures.

The solution consists of demographic data, diagnosis, treatment history and outcomes of the patient for long-term observation and data collection.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Cloud, Mi-Portal, Mi-Harmony, Mi-ROSS, Mi-MOCHA


Easy sharing of medical records

SMRP (Sistem Maklumat Rawatan Perubatan – Medical Treatment Information System) 2.0 is a web-based medical treatment report system linking all hospitals under the Malaysian Ministry of health and to be extended to private hospitals as well as teaching hospitals nationwide in the future.

The system collects granular data from these hospitals on a daily basis for the purpose of reporting and data analysis.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Cloud, Mi-ROSS, Mi-MOCHA, Mi-Portal

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Easy sharing of medical records

MyHDW is a trusted source for comprehensive healthcare data structured for query and analysis purposes.

The combination of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technologies creates a comprehensive system for the collection of data from various healthcare IT systems and data sources, to produce high-quality reports, data marts and insights from various stakeholders in the healthcare industry in the country.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-AccLib, Mi-ARMC, Mi-BIS, Mi-Clip, Mi-Cloud, Mi-Harmony, Mi-MOCHA, Mi-Morphe, Mi-Portal, Mi-ROSS,  Mi-Scrambler, Mi-UAP

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