In the commercialisation ecosystem, MIMOS plays a crucial role in offering its expertise and support to significantly reduce the risk magnitude of local industry players and technology recipients.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary company, MIMOS Technology Solutions Sdn Bhd (MTSSB), MIMOS is well positioned in the industry to help with Productisation, Business Planning, Product Lifecycle & Roadmap, Manufacturability, Regulatory Approval, and Branding & Distribution Channels. This provides an added advantage and impetus to the technology recipients (TR), with low technology risk for successful commercialisation and market creation

We endeavour to bring about a Culture of Innovation and Shared Services in the country, raising industry potential and competitiveness.  When you subscribe to MIMOS’ Technology Transfer process, you are supported with end-to-end services that include technology training, maintenance, and performance monitoring for efficient and sustainable implementation.  You can also benefit from the MIMOS Technology Incubation Program (TRIP), which offers expertise in developing and marketing products powered by MIMOS technology.

MIMOS conducts  the MIMOS Technology Incubation Program (TRIP) with the objective of accelerating the growth and capabilities of home-grown ICT businesses towards growing a globally competitive local industry.  TRIP incubates home-grown ICT businesses to develop products based on MIMOS technology, accelerates market expansion and capacity building of SMEs and facilitates successful delivery of ICT projects by Technology Recipients.  The program provides Technology Recipients with guidance on development and possible subcontracting of development, maintenance and support activities.