Our story goes beyond ICT R&D and lab testing. We have embarked on several projects that have touched all walks of life and sectors including health, education, agriculture, public safety, defence, finance and many more.

Unified Teleprimary Care & Oral Health Clinics Information System (TPC-OHCIS)

System Maklumat Rawatan Perubatan (SMRP 2.0)

Malaysia Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW)

Patient Registry Information System (PRIS)

JobsMalaysia 2.0

Internet to School Performance Study

Mi-Cloud Services for Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia


Malaysia Integrity Test for Royal Malaysia Police


Big Data Middleware Framework


MARA Intelligent Virtual Learning System (IVLS)

Forecast Data Centre

Hydro-Climate Data Analysis Accelerator

MyGovernment Online Service Portal (GOS)


Kampung Tanpa Wayar (KTW)


Teraju Exchange

Government Intergrated Radio Network (GIRN)

WPI & MIT for MAVCAP and Investee Company


Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Forecast Data Centre

JPS Forecast Data Centre is an integrated system to support the detection, prediction and dissemination of information related to flood in three River Basins.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-Clip, Mi-Morphe, Mi-AccelMorphe, Mi-Cloud, Mi-SOS, Mi-Mocha

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Hydro-Climate Data Analysis Accelerator (HyDAA)

HyDAA is a system that will be able to assist NAHRIM in visualizing the projected hydroclimate data of rainfall and the corresponding runoff after-effects based on the river basin map for Peninsular Malaysia.

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Kampung Tanpa Wayar (KTW) is an effort to accelerate broadband take-up and bring the benefits of broadband to the rakyat and to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities. MIMOS WiWi Mesh has enable for MCMC to set up Community Broadband Centers (CBC) with a wider and more reliable wireless internet broadband coverage within the  underserved areas identified under the Universal Service Provision (USP) programme.

MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-WiWi Mesh, Mi-WiWi PtP

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Government Integrated Radio Network

A cost effective solution based on MIMOS WiWi PtP for Sapura’s Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN) for the last mile connectivity to its Line Dispatcher System. MIMOS WiWi Point to Point (PtP) has proven it  effectiveness; its reliability in a robust outdoor environment, modularity PTP or PtMP and flexibility of the platform for any possible customization in the future.


MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-WiWi PtP

A system that offers visibility and traceability through supply chain from farm to consumer


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Trace, Mi-Clip

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Gos Gateway is a public website for citizen to access to end-to-end government online public services.  It is developed based on citizen-centric focus.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Trust, Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-VPN, Mi-Clip

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MaNIS is a one-stop information centre related to social issues for KPWKM target groups, i.e. public sector, corporations and non-governmental organizations.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-BIS, Mi-Clip, Mi-Morphe, Mi-UAP

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Cloud Infrastructure Platform to manage the virtualization of physical hardware at Jabatan Metereologi Malaysia (JMM) training facilities. The system provides comprehensive management modules to manage computing resources.


MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Cloud

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Smart Education

Through Intelligent Virtual Learning System (iVLS) project, MIMOS has developed a prototype for Education Solution Framework. MARA and MIMOS collaborated with a leading Service Provider to upgrade the current last mile connectivity and to provide manage services for iVLS Project.


MIMOS Technology Solutions : Mi-Semantic3.1, Mi-iLMS1.01, Psychometric Instruments, Mi-Page3.0, Mi-I2P2.0, Mi-Authenticate1.0, GC4.1

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Developed and implemented a secure authentication solution for a statutory body’s  Stesen Kerja Jarak (SKJ) application.


MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Trust 3.0, Mi-UAP 2.1, Mi-Cloud 2.0

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Framework focuses on providing big data middleware for planning, simulation and predictive analytics related to public safety, healthcare, human resource and agriculture sectors.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi- Morphe, Mi-Helio, Mi-Bis, Accstats, Mi-Acclib, Mi-Cloud, Mi-UAP, Mi-Scrambler and Mi-Trust

Enabling total situational awareness in detention facilities

SMART Lokap is an innovative surveillance management system employing advanced Video Analytics technology which automatically highlights and notifies the authority of suspicious activities that may lead to criminality or violence in detention facilities.


MIMOS Technology Solutions:  Mi-SP, Mi-Mobile

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Internet to School Performance study

The project is to provide end-to-end data collection from publicly available data, test data, simulation data and geo-based data. Data collected is then processed to enlarge the understanding in simple illustration of the network performance

MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi- Intelligent, Mi-Clip

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Strategic and reliable paddy information for researchers and policy makers

PadiPedia is a web-based portal with data analysis, reporting and searching capabilities designed to support MARDI’s Research, Development and Technology Transfers activities in the area of paddy farming.

MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Semantic

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Connecting national healthcare institutes for easy sharing of patients’ medical records

TPC-OHCIS is a complete healthcare IT system addressing the needs of Primary Care for Clinical Health and Oral Health Care.  The integrated system will allow the sharing of patients’ medical records, clinical management plan, laboratory and radiological investigations results, drug prescriptions and referrals.

MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-Cloud, Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Scramble, Mi-BIS, Mi-Portal, Mi-ESB, Mi-IDS, Mi-Trust, Mi-Sync, Mi-Crypto, Mi-Clip


WPI and MPI are psychometrics-based profiling instruments that assist MAVCAP and investee companies in assessing the performance and integrity of their employees.

MIMOS Technology Solution: Mi-MPAS (Malaysian Psychometric Assessment System), Mi-MIT (Malaysian Integrity Test)

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Enabling a high-integrity public safety workforce

MIT is a decision-making tool designed to determine the likelihood that an individual will act with integrity and the tendency to display behavioural challenges at work, based on psychometric assessment

MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-MPAS (Malaysian Psychometric Assessment System), Mi-MIT (Malaysian Integrity Test)

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Online Bumiputera programme and incentive information, and more

TerajuXChange System is an online one-stop centre for companies to access to special programmes and incentives by TERAJU and related agencies. The app can be used by local and international investors to assess the competencies of a company based on its financial performance and projections.  It can also be used as a medium to promote products and services produced by Bumiputera companies to local and international markets.

MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-IRMS, Mi-Pivot

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Connects farmers, products and services directly to the market

AgroBazaar Online is an intelligent e-commerce and online business matching platform for agriculture-based products that connects the buyers and sellers, rendering middlemen less relevant.

Farmers, food producers and marketers can use the portal to seek business opportunities, check prices and other information such as business terms and certifications.The Quick Response Code (QR Code) feature enables users to browse the website and make purchases using mobile devices.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-Clip, Mi-DSS, Mi-Market

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Enabling enhanced healthcare through shared information

PRIS is a centralised system of various patient registries that enables the collection of secondary data related to patients with specific diagnoses, conditions or medical procedures.

The solution consists of demographic data, diagnosis, treatment history and outcomes of the patient for long-term observation and data collection.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Cloud, Mi-Portal, Mi-Harmony, Mi-ROSS, Mi-MOCHA


Easy sharing of medical records

SMRP (Sistem Maklumat Rawatan Perubatan – Medical Treatment Information System) 2.0 is a web-based medical treatment report system linking all hospitals under the Malaysian Ministry of health and to be extended to private hospitals as well as teaching hospitals nationwide in the future.

The system collects granular data from these hospitals on a daily basis for the purpose of reporting and data analysis.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-UAP, Mi-ARMC, Mi-Cloud, Mi-ROSS, Mi-MOCHA, Mi-Portal

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Easy sharing of medical records

MyHDW is a trusted source for comprehensive healthcare data structured for query and analysis purposes.

The combination of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technologies creates a comprehensive system for the collection of data from various healthcare IT systems and data sources, to produce high-quality reports, data marts and insights from various stakeholders in the healthcare industry in the country.


MIMOS Technology Solutions: Mi-AccLib, Mi-ARMC, Mi-BIS, Mi-Clip, Mi-Cloud, Mi-Harmony, Mi-MOCHA, Mi-Morphe, Mi-Portal, Mi-ROSS,  Mi-Scrambler, Mi-UAP

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