MIMOS endeavors to bring about a ‘Culture of Innovation’ in the country, raising industry potential and competitiveness. When you subscribe to MIMOS Solutions Technology Recipients program, you are supported with end-to-end services that include technology training & maintenance and performance monitoring for efficient and sustainable implementation.

MIMOS licenses its technology platforms to qualified indigenous ICT companies to strengthen their abilities to compete globally and move the Malaysian ICT industry higher up the value chain. Upon receiving MIMOS technology, the Technology Recipients will further develop these technology platforms into products and services.

Local ICT industry or SMEs are invited to grab this opportunity to become a MIMOS Solutions Technology Recipient and capitalise on MIMOS technology platforms to stay competitive in the challenging market place. The program is open throughout the year.

MIMOS has developed technologies for the enablement of technology growth. You may refer to Technology List & Solution to know of what we offer. For more details, fact sheets are also available for download.

The completed application and supporting documents are provided to the license manager for internal processing. MIMOS Solutions will assess and review the application and the potential applicant will be notified by the license manager once a decision is made.

After the company qualifies as the potential technology recipient, the terms of the agreement, such as field(s) of use, geographic locations (territory) and financial terms are discussed and negotiated between the company and the license manager before drafting the preliminary licensing agreement.

Once the Technology Licensing Agreement is completed and signed by both parties, together with full payment of the Commitment Fee by the Licensee, MIMOS technology and the related documentation as per the terms specified in the agreement shall be delivered to the Licensee.

MIMOS Solutions shall arrange for training and technical support in the use and operation of the MIMOS technology should the Licensee requires them.

Companies interested to participate in the Program are required to fill up the application form available at MIMOS Solutions website along with the supporting documents to be sent to MIMOS Solutions office. The supporting documents include:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9),
  • Return of Allotment Shares (Form 24)
  • Return Giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries and Changes of Particulars (Form 49).
  • Registered address (Form 44)
  • Audited Financial Statement